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I am a painter, mosaicist and print maker.
My paintings are at present about my path towards better health, through the practice of Buddism and Transcendental Meditation (TM), I have had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME) since 1993.A trip that I took to Japan in 2003 to stay in a Buddist Temple at Taisekiji, in the foothills of Mount Fuji was a turning point for me, since then my work has taken a more spiritual direction and I am exploring ways of expressing these deep truths with pure colour and simplicity of form.

Repeated Koi Carp images are a methaphor for peace, like the repetition of the mantra you are given when you learn TM and the repeated chanting of the Buddist Texts, my hope is that the viewer’s mind is taken deep into the its hidden depths.
My clouds of butterflys, overlaid and rising from the canvas represent metamorphosis, a transformation of the mind from chaos to bliss.

Some of the artists who have influenced me are: Mark Rothko, Henri Matisse, Leon Kossoff, Lucian Freud, Chris Ofily, Katsushika Hokusai, Antonio Gaudi, Gary Hume, Frank Auerbach, Paul Cezanne.

Short CV –

Art foundation – Ravensbourne College of Art, 1976-1977
Degree Course – Middlesex Polytechnic, 1977-1981
Fine Art degree course (part-time), 1994-1996, not completed due to illness.
Established and ran a Ceramic Design and Decoration Gallery in Portobello Green, London 1983-1988
Adult Education and Special Needs teacher of Art and Design – Canterbury, Kent. 1989-1994
Ceramic teacher in Occupational Therapy Unit – Canterbury. 1990-1994
Director of Contemporary Art Gallery (ebonytwist) – 2006-2007

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