Book Festival 6th -14th November

October 26, 2009

Sunday Nov 8th

Lino Printing by ‘White Shed’ Artists.

Passers-by will be able to see work in progress.

These prints will be made into a book and put on display during the Book Festival in Folkestone.

Treasure Trail

September 1, 2009

Treasure Trail Printing

As part of the Treasure Trail ‘p@ints’ hosted some exciting ‘PRINTMAKING’ demonstrations led by Anne Seller. The public were encouraged to visit us to find a clue for the next part of the trail.  The clues here were hidden in a large set of artist made scales. Visitors had the opportunity to use a portable press to make some small colourful prints to take home.  Some of the plates used to make the prints are on show and will be assembled together to make a big picture. Thank you Anne for all your hard work.

Many thanks to Cheryl Papasian ‘White Shed artist’ who also had her studio open and helped to make the event a great success.

Thanks also to Lucy Gradidge for doing a great job of organising event.

Treasure Trail