‘Winner’ Recycled Tree Competition

Debbie Crofts – Tree made from recycled frames was the clear winner of the competition inviting artists to produce a tree for Christmas made out of recycled materials.

Many thanks to all the Artists  for their Fantastic Entries in the Competition this year. (more photos soon)


Andrea Bennett –   Tree made from empty boxes


Chris Melville Brown – Tree made from beer cans


Anne Wimsett – Fairy Tree made from recycled textiles


Sioux Peto – Bottle Tree made from recycled plastic bottles


Anne Wimsett – Snowman Tree


ARRCC – This is totally recycled, originally last years branchless tree, we bandaged old bamboo sticks from the garden onto it using wet scraps of cotton.  Our clients helped pour a strange mixture over the structure.  This we found in tins designated for the skip plus some plaster left over by the builders.  Odd lengths of string were attached and a silver aerosol that spat out its last splashes before it was put back in the skip.


Faversham Umbrella – Tree  made by the members of Faversham Umbrella, inspired by the bottle tops which they collect for a charity to help make wheelchairs.


Cheryl Papasian – ‘World Aids Day’ tree. It is made out the The Independent newspaper that was guest edited by Elton John on World Aids Day. It is decorated with red recycled World Aids Day ribbons.


Tanya Jones – Tree made from recycled perspex cut into triangles with a star also made from perspex on the top.


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